Registration Process

This body of evidence should show how academic learning and work experience have combined to meet the "Exit Level Outcomes" of the SAQA Qualification Standard for EA Practice.

In the application form the exit level outcomes are called  “core competencies”.

What the applicant EAP should do

  • Understand the requirements by using the web-based system and guideline manual
  • Complete the application form and compile the body of evidence as required
  • If successful the applicant is notified by the Registrar
  • If unsuccessful the applicant is notified in writing, explaining why not successful with some advice

The process after the applicant EAP submits the application form

  • The Registrar checks the submission to ensure all sections are completed and documentation is provided as required
  • Two anonymous assessors are assigned to the application
  • The assessors receive the information
  • Assessors make a recommendation
  • A moderator reviews random applications for quality management
  • Recommendations are discussed at quarterly Registration Committee meetings.  A decision on certification is made at the meeting.
  • All decisions are reported to the EAPASA Board




registration process