Advancing environmental assessment practice in South Africa

The Association has been established in order to advance, on a nonprofit basis, the practice and quality of environmental assessment in South Africa in the public interest, in the interest of the environment, and in terms of relevant legislation through establishing and maintaining inter alia a registration authority for Environmental Assessment Practitioners.

Registration process for EAPs in South Africa

The Environmental Assessment Practitioners Association of South Africa (EAPASA) was appointed by the Minister of Environmental Affairs, the Honourable Dr Edna Molewa, on 8 February 2018 as the single Registration Authority for Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAPs) in South Africa.

For your information the following relevant Government Gazettes have been loaded on the EAPASA website (

(a)    EAPASA’s appointment (Regulation 104, Gazette Number 41434 of 8 February 2018);

(b)    Fees for ‘registration assessment’ and ‘annual subscription’ (Regulation 196, Gazette Number 41485 of 7 March  2018); and

(c)    Section 24H Registration Authority Regulations (Regulation 849, Gazette Number 40154 of 22 July 2016). 

The gazette of 8 February 2018 marks the date of the coming into effect of the Section 24H Regulations.

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