The Public Relations Committee's mandate is dictated by Clause 10.3.4of the EAPASA Constitution. The Committee is responsible for maintiaing the website, liasing with media and making recommendations on media and public relations guidelines and strategies to the Board. 


Committee Members:

Ms Jacqui Hex (Chairperson)
Mr Ntsako Baloyi
Ms Snowy Makhudu
Mr Malcolm Moses
Ms Chumisa Thengwa




   EAPASA Board update
to Academic Institutions

 A key component of the quality assurance process for our emerging profession is the accreditation of academic programmes that offer instruction in Environmental Assessment (EA). While the approach adopted by EAPASA for the registration of existing practitioners will be based on recognition of prior learning, in future – at a date still to be determined – persons applying to EAPASA for registration as Candidate EAPs will have to be graduates of an accredited academic programme.